The Jacques Gous School was founded with the purpose of delivering the information necessary to improve your game. Regardless of your current playing level, We can help you reach your playing potential through an effective and enjoyable learning experience.



  • Our instruction generates results in an effective manner through a proven curriculum.

  • We work on all aspects of the game including the course game.

  • The Weald has very good long and short game practice facilities.

  • We use the latest technology to assess, analyze, track and measure your progression.

  • We believe in personalized instruction.



  • First, we concentrate on training the small movements of the hands, wrists and arms, movements required to control the club face. We then progress to engage the larger muscles in the legs and torso to add distance for shot making and improved control.

  • Lastly, we believe in properly learning the fundamentals of golf and we know that to play good golf, these must be mastered.

  • When we do, you will strike the ball more solidly and a wider range of shots.

Golf Lessons At The Weald of Kent



We place great importance on learning how to feel the club head, and how to take advantage of its basic state of inertia. In doing so, this provides the student with an effortless and effective swing.


The club and the club face itself is at the heart of your lesson program. You will learn how your body works in tandem with the movement of the club, and acts in response to the weight of the club head and where this connective system is directing you.

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Weald of Kent Golf Course & Hotel 

Maidstone Road, Headcorn, Kent TN27 9PT  

Tel. 01622 891671