Course Update - Monday 9th July 2018

The amazing weather is continuing, the sun hasn't stopped shinning and its perfect for golf.

The course does suffer from the extreme dry conditions we are having at the moment but Andy and his team have been working tirelessly to keep the course in great condition with extra hand watering on the greens and tees along with the sprinkler system running during the early hours of the morning and when there is a gap on the golf course between players.

The greens are holding up remarkable well in this weather and reports are coming into the proshop from members and visitors that they are a lot better than some others they have played on recently.

After the next few days they will be even better and run a lot smother and quicker. Andy is verticutting the greens and applying another layer of light top dressing like he did a few weeks ago.

So why Verticutting? When we had the ideal growing conditions at the beginning of June the grass grows to quickly and instead of growing vertically the leaf grows horizontally and gets tangled with others. The Verticutting will cut all the horizontal leaf's resulting in perfect leaf's standing and growing straight up which means when we cut the greens we get a better cut meaning smoother and quicker greens for us to put on.

Light Top Dressing? Just like a few weeks ago after the verticutting Andy will apply the light top dressing, the reason for this process is the help improve the playing surface of the greens. The sand will fill in any imperfections on the green resulting in a smother and quicker putting surface.

On the course also this week the team is weed spray on the Tees, Fairways and the Rough. This is just to clear away any unwanted grasses and weeds and something that is done a few times a few to keep the playing surfaces looking their best.

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