Course Update - Greens

Week beginning Monday 18th June a few important things have happened to make our greens every better than they already are.

1. A wetting agent has been applied - this results in the soil holding more moister which helps with soil retaining water for longer resulting in heather greens.

The science - Wetting Agents are very much like a detergent, when applied to soils and watered in - the Wetting Agents break down the greasy film which surrounds many soil particles which are responsible for the water repellent effects. With this greasy film removed, water can then more easily penetrate the soil and then distribute itself throughout the soil profile. The removal of the water repellent effect also allows the water to sit inside the soil profile for much longer as well.

2. Fertiliser applied - Fertilisers have been applied and act just like a multi-vitamin for humans. The fertiliser contains all the goodness the grass needs to be heathy and make out greens even better.

3. Light dusting of sand on the greens - the reason for this process is the help improve the playing surface of the greens. The sand will fill in any imperfections on the green resulting in a smother and quicker putting surface.

Our latest investment on the course is our new spreader which you can see in the picture. This machine applies the sand so much quicker than or previous machine meaning Andy is able to do the work so much quicker and more often. You will see the 3 step process above being implemented a lot more thought the year, and this makes us excited because the greens will only improve and improve.

The new spreader also will helps us improve and maintain the improvements of our tees, fairways and approaches and these areas can be spiked and sanded so much quicker than before.

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