New Year New You!

December 20, 2017




So sitting here talking about blogging- what are we all going to be aiming for in the New Year? Well, for some of us, it will be signing up for the gym - obviously Ben-efit at The Weald of Kent is a great gym with friendly staff and great memberships!! Some of us will be thinking about knocking the drink on the head and having a dry January...others will be going on that New Year's diet. Who amongst us has written a bucket list in their head as we all have things we want to achieve? Maybe you are going to finally join that dating app and start the ball rolling in 2018 with finding 'the one' ....whatever your 'new you' is enjoy your Christmas and New Year and know through these winter months we can give you a 'pick me up' as and when required - family times on Sundays or gym classes to keep you motivated and feeling fresh and revived, Remember, we serve coffee (and cake!) as well as alcohol! And we are welcoming and friendly to those who are new and existing to our clubhouse....drop in anytime, any day (open 7am until 11pm) and we will welcome the new you....!

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