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All members, their guests and visitors are asked to observe this simple code in order to maintain the standards associated with modern-day golf clubs and to create a welcoming atmosphere for all. The rules are not intended to be fully prescriptive, and are in some cases open to interpretation, but Members, their guests and visitors are expected to take personal responsibility for observing standards of dress that reflect well on themselves and the Club.

Visitors, visiting societies, visiting teams and those participating in open competitions are required to comply with these dress rules.

All members, their guests and visitors are requested to respect the spirit of this dress code and the General Manager, Golf Operations Manager and Professional Shop will oversee that a golfer’s attire is considered appropriate. 
No collarless T-shirts or football shirts will be allowed on the course nor in the clubhouse, however round necked shirts are permissible. 

On the Course (includes practice ground and putting green)
All golfers should wear clothes specifically designed for golf. Caps must be worn with the peak facing the front. Shorts are allowed provided they are of a tailored pattern and this includes cargo shorts. Socks can be of any length and colour. Gentlemen’s shirts must be tucked into trousers and shorts at all times.

Ladies may wear shirts with collars, with or without sleeves. Sun tops are not acceptable. Golf tops that are specifically designed to be worn outside skirts, shorts or trousers are acceptable.

In and around the Clubhouse
Smart casual dress including jeans may be worn in all rooms of the clubhouse. Golf shorts may be worn in the clubhouse. Caps are not permitted to be worn in any room of the clubhouse.

For golf matches or golf functions smart casual dress may be worn unless the event notice says otherwise.

Please see below links for quick, easy to read access to our policy's for both Children - Young People, and Adults.  A short version of these policy's are also on our club notice board.


Please also see information on how to contact our Club Welfare Officer, Matthew Turner.

Golf should be fun!

You should feel safe and enjoy your sport

Is something worrying you?

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Club Welfare Officers Name:

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       Telephone Number:

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